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 Bike Wear: cycling agility 5  sock

Agility 5 Sock

14.99 $

Incredibly soft high performance socks made from Meryl#R# Skinlife. Lengths available: 10 and 15 cm.

 Bike Wear: cycling speed glove

Speed Glove

29.99 $

Adjustable wrist strap, sweat-wipes and varying densities of padding across the palm to ensure that these gloves are perfect for any kind of ride.

 Bike Wear: cycling base layer

Base Layer

49.99 $

Summer 3D mesh base layer, a must for thermal regulation and for fast wicking properties.

 Bike Wear: cycling logo bandana

Logo Bandana

29.99 $

A great way of absorbing perspiration under your helmet. Ideal in any season.

 Bike Wear: cycling zero 15 sock

Zero 15 Sock

10.99 $

Long socks, as favoured by pro riders, made from polypropylene which regulates body temperature and lets your feet breath.

 Bike Wear: cycling zero 10 sock

Zero 10 Sock

10.99 $

Long socks, as favoured by pro riders, made from polypropylene which regulates body temperature and lets your feet breath.

 Bike Wear: cycling speed evo glove

Speed EVO Glove

54.99 $

Aerodynamic summer gloves, ideal for competitive racing where aerodynamics are fundamental.

 Bike Wear: cycling venus w 10 sock

Venus W 10 Sock

15.99 $

Incredibly soft high performance socks made from Meryl#R# Skinlife.

 Bike Wear: cycling speed skully

Speed Skully

24.99 $

Skull cap with an elastic strip across the centre and openwork fabric on the sides to increase breathability. Great on hot summer days.

 Bike Wear: cycling olympo triple fit

Olympo Triple Fit

'Triple Fit System' is the exclusive custom-fit
system that lets you adapt your sportglasses
fawlessly to your face.

 Bike Wear: cycling adventure glove

Adventure Glove

49.99 $

Long-fingered gloves made from breathable mesh. Perfect for anyone looking for protection and breathability. Include sweat-wipe and adjustable wrist s...

 Bike Wear: cycling cover for helmet zw

Cover for helmet ZW

Multi-functional accessory which protects from both heat and cold and offers great aerodynamics.

 Bike Wear: cycling legend


With a mask lens 6mm higher, the Legend secure: a broader field of view on riding position, great protection against the elements and maximum stabilit...

 Bike Wear: cycling logo evo jersey

Logo EVO Jersey

134.99 $

The Logo EVO has taken a step forward with this jersey, perfect for taking on never-ending climbs and long-distance rides.

 Bike Wear: cycling hero bibshorts

Hero Bibshorts

174.99 $

These bibshorts are made for Gran Fondo rides, competitions and distance - for on- and off-road cyclists who always keep an eye on the time.

 Bike Wear: cycling wool airx jersey

Wool AirX Jersey

164.99 $

Wool is the only natural fibre which can regulate body temperature, provide comfort and also dry quickly - making it perfect for AirX: natural Enduran...

 Bike Wear: cycling hunt glove

Hunt Glove

49.99 $

Innovative gloves with three-quarter length fingers for extra protection: larger sweat-wipe, aerodynamic tailoring, modern and essential style.

 Bike Wear: cycling orion glove

Orion Glove

44.99 $

Long-fingered gloves made from breathable mesh. Perfect if you're looking for protection that won't make you sweat. Offering all the basic functions w...

 Bike Wear: cycling logo glove

Logo Glove

49.99 $

Specially designed palm means you can really feel the handle bars, while still benefitting from essential protection. Breathable and aerodynamic; atte...

 Bike Wear: cycling clipon


The indispensable accessory that allows assembling prescription lenses on our sport glasses.

 Bike Wear: cycling shark bibshorts

Shark Bibshorts

209.99 $

Shark collection enhances protection, breathability and aerodynamic to a whole new level: breathable hydro-repellent technology for any weather built ...

 Bike Wear: cycling z epsilon

Z Epsilon

The Z Epsilon is the most polivalent helmet of our line: open Design enhances ventilation at maximum level, while volumes and shapes are modelled af...

 Bike Wear: cycling z zero

Z Zero

The Z Zero represent the essence of a rh+ helmet and
proves that simpicity does not mean to sacrifice on
anything: maximum ventilation, low ...

 Bike Wear: cycling zy carbon fiber

ZY Carbon Fiber

Our ZY helmet with added extra carbon inserts. More resistant than ever. Developed and worn by our Pro Teams both on- and off-road. Includes Power FIT...


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Bike Wear

Thanks to the selection of the best technical materials for the athlete's sports performance and the the ability for rh+ to produce high quality products appreciated by all athletes both from a technical and aesthetic point of view, the bicycle wear at rh+ is also available online to complete and enrich your cycling gear.


Maximum comfort with rh+ bike wear


 The bike wear collection is both gender-specific , and provides maximum comfort with minimum effort : the mesh both for women and men offers intelligence and functionality to ensure safety and comfort during sports activities.  

Cycling clothing: different models for all seasons


Cycling clothing also offers a remarkable variety regarding the products' individual models. In regards to cycling clothing, we offer diverse products from breathable and wind and water-resistant tank tops to more elegant front-zipper models available in a variety of colors; all of them sharing technical, effective, and innovative characteristics. If you are an avid cyclist, choose the cycling clothing on the market to make the most of your athletic potential and enjoy your favorite sport as much as possible.


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