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 Bike Wear: cycling sancy w shorts

Sancy W Shorts

114.99 $

Shorts for all kinds of rides. Classy and feminine. Pedal in style.

 Bike Wear: cycling agility bibshorts

Agility Bibshorts

139.99 $

One of our most important garments, Agility Bibshorts offer classic design and comfort. Perfect for mid-week training or Sunday morning group rides.

 Bike Wear: cycling zero wind shell

Zero Wind Shell

99.99 $

Must-have protection from chilly air and light rain, in a lightweight and reliable material, folds away in its dedicated pocket and it has ventilation...

 Bike Wear: cycling rain w shell

Rain W Shell

169.99 $

Protective rain shell, partially taped, lightweight and compact with stretch inserts for a great fit and feminine style.

 Bike Wear: cycling black combo

Black Combo

Not only MTB riders can benefit from visors and insect-proof mesh. Double fit regulation.

 Bike Wear: cycling olympo airx varia

Olympo AirX Varia

Innovating very often means breaking the rules of what is considered obvious: the Syncro Swing Lenses system revolutionizes the way we all looked at s...

 Bike Wear: cycling speedcell jersey

SpeedCell Jersey

179.99 $

An aerodynamic jersey made for speed. Perfect for short but extreme bursts of energy.

 Bike Wear: cycling zero


Maximum eye protection and overall stability even on high speed wind situation or offroad terrain riding, the Zero is our top of the range binocular s...

 Bike Wear: cycling sancy w knicker

Sancy W Knicker

119.99 $

Three-quarter length knickers for all kinds of rides. Classy and feminine clothing isn't an Utopia anymore.

 Bike Wear: cycling feel glove

Feel Glove

54.99 $

Lightweight soft shell gloves, highly sensitive and great for the beginning or end of winter.

 Bike Wear: cycling zw


One of our bestsellers with an aggressive design and super-comfortable fit.

 Bike Wear: cycling z2in1


The most lightweight of its kind, available with or without visor and a variety of ways to adjust and fit.

 Bike Wear: cycling legend w

Legend W

With a mask lens 6mm higher, the Legend secure: a broader field of view on riding position, great protection against the elements and maximum stabilit...

 Bike Wear: cycling sancy w skirt

Sancy W Skirt

134.99 $

This is the cycling skirt you've been waiting for: feminine, comfortable and designed for cyclists. Highlight your femininity.

 Bike Wear: cycling sancy w sleveless jersey

Sancy W Sleveless Jersey

104.99 $

Comfort and class on the saddle, ideal for when it's hot outside and you want to uncover your arms.

 Bike Wear: cycling speed rain shell

Speed Rain Shell

129.99 $

In cycling, non-essentials are stripped away. Aerodynamic and elastic summer rain shell.

 Bike Wear: cycling dryskin airx baggy bibshorts

DrySkin AirX Baggy Bibshorts

239.99 $

Groundbreaking baggy bibshorts. The best of both worlds: lightweight, high performance and uniquely breathable.

 Bike Wear: cycling soft shell wind vest

Soft Shell Wind Vest

114.99 $

Windproof soft shell on front, breathable mesh on the back: an ultra-lightweight and stretch vest that folds easily into any pocket. A must-have on th...

 Bike Wear: cycling zy mips


The MIPS verion of the ZY is one of our bestsellers.

 Bike Wear: cycling z alpha mips

Z Alpha MIPS

Aerodynamic helmet ventilated of the latest generation.

 Bike Wear: cycling magic touch glove

Magic Touch Glove

24.99 $ 17.49 $ -30%

Perfect for when the weather starts to cool down and your summer gloves aren't enough anymore. A silicone insert in the palm increases grip on the han...

 Bike Wear: cycling zero cycling cap

Zero Cycling Cap

24.99 $

Can be worn pre- or post-race, or simply under your helmet to protect from sunlight and spray, just like pro riders.

 Bike Wear: cycling zero glove

Zero Glove

34.99 $

No-frills gloves offering aerodynamics and performance. Sweat-wipe, smooth back and lightweight palm so that you can really feel the handle bars.


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Bike Wear

Thanks to the selection of the best technical materials for the athlete's sports performance and the the ability for rh+ to produce high quality products appreciated by all athletes both from a technical and aesthetic point of view, the bicycle wear at rh+ is also available online to complete and enrich your cycling gear.


Maximum comfort with rh+ bike wear


 The bike wear collection is both gender-specific , and provides maximum comfort with minimum effort : the mesh both for women and men offers intelligence and functionality to ensure safety and comfort during sports activities.  

Cycling clothing: different models for all seasons


Cycling clothing also offers a remarkable variety regarding the products' individual models. In regards to cycling clothing, we offer diverse products from breathable and wind and water-resistant tank tops to more elegant front-zipper models available in a variety of colors; all of them sharing technical, effective, and innovative characteristics. If you are an avid cyclist, choose the cycling clothing on the market to make the most of your athletic potential and enjoy your favorite sport as much as possible.


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