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 Mens bike pants: cycling hero bibshorts

Hero Bibshorts

174.99 $

These bibshorts are made for Gran Fondo rides, competitions and distance - for on- and off-road cyclists who always keep an eye on the time.

 Mens bike pants: cycling agility bibshorts

Agility Bibshorts

139.99 $

One of our most important garments, Agility Bibshorts offer classic design and comfort. Perfect for mid-week training or Sunday morning group rides.

 Mens bike pants: cycling shiver bibshorts

Shiver Bibshorts

124.99 $

We've upgraded the rh+ Code and applied it to these elegant bibshorts made for speed.

 Mens bike pants: cycling dryskin airx bibshorts

DrySkin AirX Bibshorts

254.99 $

Wide back panel in 3D mesh for max breathability, DrySkin abrasionresistant and water-reppelnt fabric, seamless inner leg gripper:relentless performan...

 Mens bike pants: cycling space bibshorts

Space Bibshorts

89.99 $

Classic construction and guaranteed confort, also for those long rideswith friends, whether they are on or off the road with your MTB. Abibshorts of s...

 Mens bike pants: cycling speedcell evo bibshorts

SpeedCell EVO Bibshorts

209.99 $

Bibshorts for speed specialists. This product is ideal for very intense efforts.

 Mens bike pants: cycling zero evo bibshorts

Zero EVO Bibshorts

119.99 $

New, essential bibshorts which stand out from the crowd thanks to their exciting colour combinations and Berenis Essential HL pad.

 Mens bike pants: cycling prime evo bibshorts

Prime EVO Bibshorts

104.99 $

Classic, comfortable bibshorts which can be teamed with any our jerseys.

 Mens bike pants: cycling prime evo bibknicker

Prime EVO Bibknicker

114.99 $

Classic, comfortable three-quarter length bibknickers which can be teamed with any of our jerseys.

 Mens bike pants: cycling prime evo shorts

Prime EVO Shorts

74.99 $

Classic, comfortable shorts for particularly hot climates or in the gym. Can be teamed with any of our jerseys. Anti-slip silicon back stripe makes th...

 Mens bike pants: cycling logo evo bibshorts

Logo EVO Bibshorts

149.99 $

The updated version of our classic Logo Bibshorts: guaranteed quality but with a new style and new pad.

 Mens bike pants: cycling shark bibshorts

Shark Bibshorts

209.99 $

Shark collection enhances protection, breathability and aerodynamic to a whole new level: breathable hydro-repellent technology for any weather built ...

 Mens bike pants: cycling dryskin airx baggy bibshorts

DrySkin AirX Baggy Bibshorts

239.99 $

Groundbreaking baggy bibshorts. The best of both worlds: lightweight, high performance and uniquely breathable.

 Mens bike pants: cycling hunt baggy bibshorts

Hunt Baggy Bibshorts

239.99 $

Blazing new trails has always been in our DNA. We've blurred the lines between fitted bibshorts and baggy shorts to come up with this game-changer des...

 Mens bike pants: cycling logo evo bibtight

Logo EVO Bibtight

184.99 $

The Logo line is for us, and for our customers, synonymous of comfort, performance and style. This bib is the blend of all of these, in a garment tail...

 Mens bike pants: cycling prime bibtight

Prime Bibtight

119.99 $ 83.99 $ -30%

Clean look and style, this bibtight provides thermal insulation and breathability while enhancing comfort on the winter rides thank to its classic rh+...

 Mens bike pants: cycling zero bibtight

Zero Bibtight

159.99 $ 111.99 $ -30%

Ergonomic fit, thermal insulation and breathability, style and high quality materials: the Zero bibtight is among our best sellers, for a reason.

 Mens bike pants: cycling biking inner shorts

Biking Inner Shorts

44.99 $ 31.49 $ -30%

Basic underwear to protect the areas which suffer most after hours in the saddle. /clicklogic/ compatible.

 Mens bike pants: cycling shark bibtight

Shark Bibtight

229.99 $

Shark collection enhances protection, breathability and aerodynamic to a whole new level: breathable hydro-repellent technology for any weather built ...

 Mens bike pants: cycling beta airx bibtight

Beta AirX Bibtight

239.99 $

Never a bibtight has been at the same time so breathable, warm and protective from the elements. Polartec® Wind Pro® is probably the best fa...

 Mens bike pants: cycling legend evo bibknicker

Legend EVO Bibknicker

139.99 $ 97.99 $ -30%

Fleeced ' bibknicker with anatomic waist cut and breathable upper mesh to avoid too much sweating, while keeping warm and protected from cold air bigg...

Mens bike pants

Cycling bibs

Shark's latest cycling bibs are engineered for a faster and more durable performance than ever before. Combining a two-way design: weaving together Polartec® Power Shield® Pro and Polartec® Wind Pro®, designed for optimum breathability. Shark's cycling bibs are strategically designed for warmth, wind, waterproofness, and aerodynamics for the most dedicated of athletes. Any athlete designed for pushing their body past cycling limits deserves cycling bibs and gear designed equally as durable.

Cycling shorts men

No matter the cold or undesirable route your bike may take you, Shark's Bike Pants are best to ensure these elements will in no way compromise your performance. Although the membrane of such shorts are waterproof and insulating, the Bike Pants maintain their breathability to exhale moisture. For days when your regular shorts and knee warmers won't cut it and you're riding off or on road, Shark's elite bike pants provide added lower-body warmth and critical insulation.

Mountain bike pants

Elite athletes designed for peak performance, even in rain, wind, and grueling conditions, deserve mountain bike pants just as durable as themselves. Such mountain bike pants are an excellent choice for long distance cyclists and avid hikers who require high-quality and excellence. Such comfortable and luxury mountain bike pants offer flexibility, for they can be worn inside and reflect your own personal style with a variety of optimum selections to choose from.


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