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 Womens cycling shorts: cycling sancy w knicker

Sancy W Knicker

119.99 $

Three-quarter length knickers for all kinds of rides. Classy and feminine clothing isn't an Utopia anymore.

 Womens cycling shorts: cycling revo w shorts

Revo W Shorts

149.99 $

These women's summer shorts now feature an updated pad. Designed in the Powerlogic Lab by our female team with long rides in mind.

 Womens cycling shorts: cycling venus w short prt

Venus W Short PRT

104.99 $

New style with a modern and fresh look and comfortable tailoring. Great for any situation, intense or recreational.

 Womens cycling shorts: cycling spirit w short

Spirit W Short

94.99 $

Essential multi-purpose shorts. Including new pad designed specifically for female cyclists, ideal for outdoor rides or in the gym.

 Womens cycling shorts: cycling fusion w short

Fusion W Short

94.99 $

The perfect shorts for any kind of ride, outside, in the gym or on an exercise bike at home. Available in a variety of colours.

 Womens cycling shorts: cycling fusion w bibshorts

Fusion W Bibshorts

139.99 $

All the benefits of bibshorts without the inconvenience of having to strip off when nature calls.As simple as revolutionary: /womanlogic/.

 Womens cycling shorts: cycling sancy w shorts

Sancy W Shorts

114.99 $

Shorts for all kinds of rides. Classy and feminine. Pedal in style.

 Womens cycling shorts: cycling sancy w skirt

Sancy W Skirt

134.99 $

This is the cycling skirt you've been waiting for: feminine, comfortable and designed for cyclists. Highlight your femininity.

 Womens cycling shorts: cycling zero w tight

Zero W Tight

124.99 $ 87.49 $ -30%

Probably our best seller leggings: clean design, comfortable fabrics and women body specifically developed fitting. At ease either on the bike as well...

 Womens cycling shorts: cycling

Zero W Knicker

 Womens cycling shorts: cycling panther w bibtight

Panther W Bibtight

189.99 $ 132.99 $ -30%

Women's warmest bibtights, highly technical and extremely comfortable. Created so you can brave the coldest winter days.

 Womens cycling shorts: cycling sancy w tight

Sancy W Tight

149.99 $ 104.99 $ -30%

Warm and soft touch legging for all kind of rides. Classy and feminine clothing isn't an Utopia anymore.

Womens cycling shorts

Bike pants

Bike pants are a stylish and contemporary look for anyone.  Consider women's cycling shorts for your next ride.  They will fit snugly against your body and help riders maintain balance.  They are designed and manufactured according to strict specifications.  Make sure to size bike pants appropriately.  That will help people find the perfect pair of cycling pants for their bodies.  They may accompany an outfit that riders will put together for their next journey.

Cycling pants

Cycling pants will keep the legs warm in all climates.  Use that to train and even warm up before a big race.  Many cyclists take their sport seriously and want to stay competitive.  Bike pants need to be sized and selected from what is in stock.  Work with sales staff to choose the best cycling pants for your outfit.  Different colors and styles will make bike pants something special.

Cycling bibs

There are other additions that may be incorporated in to the outfit.  Cycling bibs are a unique item that could be worn as well.  Some people will enjoy the shopping experience and will want to make the most out of it.  Buy cycling bibs as part of the total package.  These cycling bibs are affordable and sleek.


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