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 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling zero glove

Zero Glove

34.99 $

No-frills gloves offering aerodynamics and performance. Sweat-wipe, smooth back and lightweight palm so that you can really feel the handle bars.

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling airx glove

AirX Glove

54.99 $

Every detail of these gloves is designed and made for prolonged use and long-distance rides, from the padding on the palm to the breathability of the ...

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling agility glove

Agility Glove

44.99 $

Ergonomic design, mesh inserts, sweat-wipe and adjustable wrist straps make these ideal for summer days.

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling speed glove

Speed Glove

29.99 $

Adjustable wrist strap, sweat-wipes and varying densities of padding across the palm to ensure that these gloves are perfect for any kind of ride.

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling speed evo glove

Speed EVO Glove

54.99 $

Aerodynamic summer gloves, ideal for competitive racing where aerodynamics are fundamental.

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling adventure glove

Adventure Glove

49.99 $

Long-fingered gloves made from breathable mesh. Perfect for anyone looking for protection and breathability. Include sweat-wipe and adjustable wrist s...

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling hunt glove

Hunt Glove

49.99 $

Innovative gloves with three-quarter length fingers for extra protection: larger sweat-wipe, aerodynamic tailoring, modern and essential style.

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling logo glove

Logo Glove

49.99 $

Specially designed palm means you can really feel the handle bars, while still benefitting from essential protection. Breathable and aerodynamic; atte...

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling feel glove

Feel Glove

54.99 $

Lightweight soft shell gloves, highly sensitive and great for the beginning or end of winter.

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling logo soft shell glove

Logo Soft Shell Glove

69.99 $

Soft Shell Winter gloves, lightweight and insulated. Perfect for the worst winter conditions. With aluminum thermal insulation layer.

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling magic one glove

Magic One Glove

14.99 $ 10.49 $ -30%

Perfect for when the weather starts to cool down and your summer gloves aren't enough anymore. A silicone insert in the palm increases grip on the han...

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling zero winter glove

Zero Winter Glove

49.99 $ 34.99 $ -30%

These gloves have a wind-proof outer layer and are lined with micro-fleece.

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling wind glove

Wind Glove

44.99 $ 31.49 $ -30%

These lightweight gloves are great for year-round use. They are soft and fitted to ensure optimum control of the handlebars and gears.

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling shark neo glove

Shark Neo Glove

64.99 $

Neoprene fabric in a lightweight construction protects from water and wind while leaving enough sensibility to the fingers. Full Grip palm also featur...

 Men's Cycling Gloves: cycling nordic outdry174  glove

Nordic Outdry® Glove

104.99 $

Our ultimate winter glove: fully taped waterproof Outdry® technology paired with 3M Thinsulate® padding and aluminum thermal insulation laye...


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