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Cycling Hats

Cycling hats must be part of every cyclists’ complete equipment. They allow you to wear your bike helmet more comfortably and help you protect your head from external agents. Furthermore, they absorb the sweat during physical activity. rh+ cycling hats come in different models, and every cyclist can choose their ideal model according to their needs: rh+ provides all types of cycling hats and it always guarantees first-choice products, from cotton peaked/unpeaked cycling hats to anatomic ones with reflecting inserts and covering in different ways. The choice of one’s cycling hat depends on various factors, one of which is weather conditions, according to which one can determine the necessary degree of protection. Other elements which have to be taken into account are duration and intensity of physical activity to be practiced. It is important to know what your preferences in terms of comfort and welfare are. It is something fundamental to make sure of when practicing sports. 
If you need any more information, you can find your perfect cycling hat on rh+ online store!

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 Cycling Hats: cycling logo thermo hat   online shop - price: 27.99 $

Logo Thermo Hat

34.99 $ 27.99 $ -20%

This soft hat protects against the wind without irritating your head
as it sits under your helmet.

 Cycling Hats: cycling zero cycling cap   online shop - price: 19.99 $

Zero Cycling Cap

24.99 $ 19.99 $ -20%

Can be worn pre- or post-race, or simply under your helmet to protect from sunlight and spray, just like pro riders.

 Cycling Hats: cycling feel thermo headband   online shop - price: 14.39 $

Feel Thermo Headband

17.99 $ 14.39 $ -20%

Essential elastic headband in fleeced lycra, thin and ease to wearunderneath the helmet, it provides protection against the chilly airwithout being bu...

 Cycling Hats: cycling zero gaiter hat   online shop - price: 27.99 $

Zero Gaiter Hat

34.99 $ 27.99 $ -20%

Dual functionality: wear it either on your head or around your neck. Warm and breathable.

 Cycling Hats: cycling shark cap   online shop - price: 43.99 $

Shark Cap

54.99 $ 43.99 $ -20%

Built with central panel and visor in water-repellent fabric to protect you from rain, splashing water and cold. At ease worn underneath the helmet or...

 Cycling Hats: cycling zero headband   online shop - price: 23.99 $

Zero Headband

29.99 $ 23.99 $ -20%

This classic headband will keep your forehead warm on cool autumn rides.

 Cycling Hats: cycling logo bandana   online shop - price: 20.99 $

Logo Bandana

29.99 $ 20.99 $ -30%

A great way of absorbing perspiration under your helmet. Ideal in any season.

 Cycling Hats: cycling speed skully   online shop - price: 17.49 $

Speed Skully

24.99 $ 17.49 $ -30%

Skull cap with an elastic strip across the centre and openwork fabric on the sides to increase breathability. Great on hot summer days.


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