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SPECIAL PROJECTS fall winter 2017


Athletes constantly seek to improve and perfect their performance. Striving for perfection is also in the genetic code of rh+. Powerlogic Lab is the revolutionary R&D laboratory where rh+ studies new technologies and fabrics for technical, high-performance sportswear. The Powerlogic Lab team are dedicated to studying ways of producing garments that meet the needs of sportsmen and women, offering performance, comfort and design. Performance is a fundamental concept for rh+

and it drives us to use technological innovations when developing fabrics for our collections. All our products are rigorously tested in the most diverse and difficult conditions by pro and amateur athletes, technicians and designers. This ensures advanced, quality garments and accessories that meet the needs of modern sportspeople. Our commitment to R&D is evident in the three levels of technical content that extend across all rh+ products:


Is the most advanced in terms of the R&D that has gone in to the tailoring, functionality and selection of fabrics. A revolution in the design and production of technical, high-performance sportswear.


Refers to rh+ garments with a high technical content, created and developed to meet the needs of expert sportspeople. These products provide a benchmark for our market competitors.


Identifies garments and accessories that offer essential rh+ design and technology. The rigorous design process prioritises performance and guarantees basic functionality.

Powerlogic Lab, rh+ R&D laboratory, has been studying and creating high-performance fabric for sportswear for 15 years. Innovative and high-performance Biomorphic is the very latest technology developed by rh+. With Biomorphic fabric at its heart, rh+ has also created two other special projects to enhance the collection further. Atelier is a project that brings artisanal fabric printing techniques to our Woman range, blurring the boundaries between sport and Italian fashion. The Keratin Project involves adding top quality Italian manufactured Merino wool to garments from our Man range. Using the very best quality wool fibres means being able to offer you the very best winter sportswear.


The rh+ Powerlogic Lab has been working closely with some top quality internationally recognized Italian wool manufacturing companies who have been using traditional wool processing skills for generations. This partnership led to our Keratin Project: a series of fabrics made using the protein found naturally in Merino wool, Keratin. It is widely known that this protein enables natural thermoregulation and active breathability, as well as being anti-bacterial and elastic. These quality fibres are used to increase the performance of our rh+ Man sportswear and the resulting garments are not only unique, but also make a real difference.



The Atelier project by rh+ combines technical knowhow in the field of sportswear and traditional artisanal fashion printing, to create womenswear garments that are instantly recognizable as Italian - both in terms of technology and style. The Frozen Nature theme is inspired by the Hellebore, a winter flower, imagined against the backdrop of an icy woodland. Initial sketches become graphics and then take shape in the hands of our skilled workers and thanks to the traditional manufacturing techniques used by Isa S.p.A.


Innovation has always been a fundamental part of rh+’s DNA. At the start of the century, rh+ revolutionized the world of sportswear by creating biomorphic fabric, which set a whole new standard in terms of comfort, ergonomics and protection. This technology is an outstanding example of what the Powerlogic Lab can do: the initial design brief was to come up with a fabric that offered the same level of protection as a laminated fabric (20,000 mm/ca waterproofing and 15,000 g/m2/24h breathability), while still being soft to the touch and as elastic as Nylon or polyester-based fabrics commonly used in cycling clothes. The idea was to ensure waterproof protection, as well as unconditional freedom of movement, while also improving wearability.
All Biomorphic fabrics guarantee:
Freedom of movement thanks to an external multiway stretch layer with a high elastomer rating
Thermoforming ergonomics”: thanks to the lamination process and to the heat generated by the body during exercise this fabric fits and moves perfectly with the body
Optimum waterproofing and breathability thanks to an internal layer teamed with fully heat-sealed seams. 

All Biomorphic fabrics guarantee:

Thank to an external multiway stretch layer with a high elastomer rating.

Thermoforming plays an important role in ergonomics thanks to the lamination process. This means that heat generated by the body during exercise makes the fabrics fit and move perfectly with the body. 

Optimum waterproofing and breathability thanks to an internal layer that guarantees 20,000 mm/ca and 15.000 g/m2/24h, teamed with fully heat-sealed seams. 


Shark's secret relies on their skin. From there the Powerlogic Lab started to develop the new Shark clothing line in order to meet aerodynamic requirements as well as protection from the elements at the same time, and it did so in a way never explored before: thanks to advanced fabrics such as Polartec® Power Shield Pro® and Polartec® Wind Pro® that combine hydro-repellency and waterproofness with a never-met-before level of breathability, rh+ Shark line stands as a real Milestone in the new way of dressing and protect the modern high demanding cyclists.
Rain isn't an enemy anymore: you'll never look at the clouds in the same way as before...

The classic pocket layout is not great for aerodynamics and so the Powerlogic Lab had no qualms about totally redesigning the traditional system of three rear pockets. Our new design was dictated by air flow patternsand has one central raised pocket positioned where air turbulence is greatest, as the added volume helps fill the void. Side pockets are tapered downwards and are connected so that air can flow uninterrupted around the waist. Symmetry is crucial to maximise aerodynamics on a body moving through the air, so we designed side pockets which draw together – meaning they can be filled from the centre outwards.


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