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The improvement is the sportsman method. The pursuit of perfection is the genetic code of rh+.
Powerlogic Lab is the laboratory of revolutionary technologies and developing innovative materials for the construction of technical garments for the high-performance sports. The Powerlogic Lab team is engaged in the constant search for solutions to combine performance, comfort and design, to service the needs of sportsmen.

Performance is not just a word for rh+, the result of technological innovation that marks the evolution of materials in every line. Professional and amateur athletes, technicians and designers put a strain on the rh+ products in the most adverse and challenging conditions, in order to develop clothing and evolved accessories to meet the needs of modern sports.
The result of this ongoing research and development takes shape in 3 levels of technical content in the rh+ product range:


It's the highest expression of the research and development of construction, functionality and materials applied to the product range: the revolutionary concept of design and implementation of technical garments for the high-performance sports.


Identifies rh+ garments designed and developed to always have a high technical content and respond to the needs of the expert user. Usually the benchmark for the competition.


It's where rh+ technology and design are declined to their most basic form, a guarantee of a basic feature that is the logical consequence of the design thinking of the performance.


The search for the best result without compromise: this is not the line of products that suit everyone.
The aerodynamics is an exact science but not universal in the strict sense as it is related to the speed and size of the body: a science then where the analysis of the boundary conditions and the environment variables, as well as the needs of a subject, it is essential to design a garment that makes you slip between the air flow generating the least possible friction.

We have so thoroughly analyzed the flow lines that generates the air around the cyclist's body to find the different areas where the air generates higher or lower pressure, and where / how these pressure changes take place: every cm2 of tissue, finishing surface, seam and accessories that make any jersey of rh+ SPEED line is the consequence of this analysis. The Dual Cell fabric thus finds a perfect placement in passageways from laminar to turbulent motions, between high and low pressure, where the air tends to detach from the body and generates turbulences which are the primary blends of a low aerodynamic performance.

The use of the 3D network in areas where the vortices are already major, flat seams, invisible zip at 3/4 are also daughters of the choices of this logic.
The validation in the Wind Gallery was the time of consolidation and maturation of this work, but it was not enough for us. Lowering these clothings in the reality of everyday cycling, not necessarily the Pro who the flagships in tow, was the additional challenge we have set ourselves: length of the shirt and the overalls, collar and tissues from quick drying, but above all budgets..

The shape and arrangement of the traditional pockets of cycling is not the optimal one for the purpose of aerodynamics and Powerlogic Lab did not bother to violate one of cycling stereotype - the classic 3 back pockets - and reshape it over.
The result has been dictated from the air: the raised central pocket, where already there are more turbulence and where an additional volume helps to fill the vacuum, and tapered side pockets to allow air to flow.
Symmetry is also an important aspect in aerodynamics: side pockets are joined, allowing in fact to fill always starting from the center.

speedcell project

Speed is an attitude, the same that you put
in the preparation of the mechanical means,
in training and even in how you speak of
cycling when you're not riding.

shark project

The secret to speed of sharks is in their skin. The Powerlogic Lab has developed the new Shark line that meets the needs of aerodynamics and protection from the elements at the same time and in a way never before approached: using advanced materials (Polartec Power Shield ® Pro and Polartec® Wind Pro®) which combine like never before water repellent surface and complete impermeability to a level of breathability so far only proclaimed by the bicycle industry but never really reached, the Shark line rh+ is a true Milestone in the new way to cover and protect the cyclist. Rain is no longer an enemy but an ally: your mood looking out the window before output by bike will never be the same ...

AirX Lite Project

Climber knit according rh+: minimalist construction but with what it takes to long climbs or the scorching heat.
Entirely made with the new Polartec® Delta®.

ENERGY management

Thermoregulation is a natural function of the human body that activates, through perspiration, a heat exchange between the inside and the outside of the body. It is precisely this goal: maintain at 37 ° the internal temperature of the vital organs, so that the whole body can continue to operate at its maximum efficiency and thus provide the physical performance required when you push on the pedals or when it recovered after an intense effort.
The AirX project is based on the principle of exchange of air as a heat carrier and focuses on perspiration to improve muscle comfort and performance: overheating and excessive sweating are the basis of sports performance decay.

To minimize this unnecessary waste of energy and let the muscles with as much energy as possible to be used in the sport, rh+ uses in its most advanced clothing a combination of new generation fabrics with special characteristics: the FIR treatment that binds to the bio-ceramic material fabric , able to reflect the rays of caloric nature and play a beneficial action for the human body, to the most advanced fiber whether synthetic or natural.

The analysis of the areas of the human body where the blood circulation is higher and where it is greater sweating then outlined the positioning of various tissues: it is from these studies that are born the complex construction of the Dryskin AirX line, peak and maximum summary of thermoregulation principles applied to a crew chief.

The AirX technology has its basis in the principle of the exchange of air as a vehicle for thermoregulation of the body optimally and as close as possible to its physiological development. Each garment rh+ AirX is an expression of this constant, daily work of research and development carried out by the team Powerlogic Lab: a winning combination and a mix of features targeted to the various capabilities of the leaders that has no equal in the modern sports world.

Tailored design and research into the world of top fashion and artisanal prints provide the inspiration for the Atelier, which expresses various aspects of women’s cycling. Venus, Sancy and Revo garments each represent a specific and different approach to cycling, an approach that changes depending on your personal source of inspiration. The collection is based on technology developed in the Powelogic Lab, where no compromises are made in terms of performance. Our women’s collection stands out thanks to our quest for absolute excellence in terms of elegance and femininity, from over-all garment design to the smallest details and finishing touches.

woman logic

It is the rh+ response to the needs of all cyclists who do not intend to give up the characteristics of the specific overalls, often forced to choose pants without suspenders facing long and awkward pauses in order to undress comfortably. The construction /womanlogic/ finally guarantees for the woman the opportunity to enjoy the rides without the traditional technical and aesthetic compromises clothing for cycling.

woman logic

The improvement is the sportsman method. The pursuit of perfection is the genetic code of rh+.


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