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09 February 2017

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rh+ is back in professional cycling
with Wanty-Groupe Gobert Team

During the 2016 won the world rankings for teams and will be on the 2017 Tour de France starting line

A few weeks before the official start of the 2017 racing season rh+ announces its return in professional cycling with the Belgian Pro-Continental team Wanty-Groupe Gobert. 21 riders in these days are busy in the first seasonal training camp in Benidorm, Spain, coming from Belgium, France, Netherlands, England and Italy. 

For rh+ this partnership is not only a return to professional cycling and a significant visibility especially in those races known as the Northern Classics, where the team has been always a key player, but also the opportunity to receive important feedback for new products development. The riders during the upcoming season will wear the Z Alpha helmet, elected by Bike Radar among the best eight helmets during 2016, the ZTT model for the time trials and the new glasses Olympo AirX, building on its innovative Synchro Swing Lens System, and the Legend, which combines lightness with a great visual comfort.

Z Alpha helmet
Team Wanty-Groupe Gobert special edition

Never has a ventilated helmet been so fast: having advanced aerodynamics as a design brief means creating a helmet that is fast, but also well ventilated. To achieve this, we created Advanced Aerodynamic Design: a series of advanced aerodynamic design criteria that contribute to making the Z Alpha a market leader in terms of its combination of ventilation and aerodynamics.

Removable Cap

The cover increases air flow speed, as well as guaranteeing aeration through the helmet, from front to back. This increases aerodynamics, particularly at speeds of 40 km/h and above, while also obviously offering protection from the elements. This allows riders to regulate the level of ventilation – and comfort - depending on the atmospheric conditions.
Available with MIPS System

Top performance Olympo AirX glasses
a world first in terms of technology  

Olympo AirX glasses build upon the Olympo range, borrowing its most advanced technology, and include pioneering Syncro Swing Lenses – a world first for cycling glasses. rh+ has been title sponsor of Fundacion Alberto Contador and it is thanks to the team’s continuous feedback that the company were able to develop the Olympo range and produce Olympo AirX.


The Syncro Swing Lenses system is a world-first in terms of sportglasses technology. This innovative solution allows cyclists to raise both lenses at the same time with one hand
This means riders can choose whether to protect themselves from the sun or the wind, or to increase ventilation, which is particularly useful when conditions change suddenly.  


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