Logo Glove

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Resistenza al vento

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  • Caratteristiche tecniche
  • Descrizione
  • Manutenzione e Cura
    • Anatomic preshaped aero SKIN Fit construction
    • FD Silver upper hand fabric (100% Nylon)
    • Breathable mesh upper pannel inserts (100% Polyester)
    • Nonslip anatomic palm with varying thickness
    • Terry sweat wipe
    • UV protection
    • Sizes: S > XXL
    Our Logo Gloves are one of the stand-out pieces from our accessories collection. They offer both simple tailoring and essential functionality and have fabric, seams and detailing only where strictly necessary. The result is increased performance and a fantastic level of comfort. The palm is free of inserts and panels which can ruck up between hand and handle bars resulting in reduced sensitivity and control. The palm does include gel inserts, but only where really necessary to protect the hands against falls and on particularly rough tracks. The back of the gloves are breathable and aerodynamic with mesh inserts positioned where the flow of air is most turbulent. This increases both breathability and aerodynamics. The use of elastic cuffs rather than adjustable straps means that the gloves are super-smooth and the air flows unhindered over the hand and wrist. Finally, our Logo Gloves have classic and unique rh+ design, look and style.

• Costruzione aerodinamica SKIN Fit preformata anatomica
• Tessuto dorso mano FD Silver (100% Nylon)
• Inserti dorsali in rete traspirante (100% Poliestere)
• Palmo anatomico antiscivolo a spessore variabile
• Spugna tergisudore
• Protezione UV
• Taglie: S > XXL

  • Lavare a macchina, acqua max 30°
  • Non candeggiare / Stirare a basse temperature
  • Non lavare a secco / Non asciugare a secco
  • Tenere lontano da fonti di calore
  • Lavare separatamente / Lavare al rovescio

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