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Rain W Shell

169.99 $

Protective rain shell, partially taped, lightweight and compact with stretch inserts for a great fit and feminine style.

Beta AirX Shoecover

74.99 $

Vermont Shoecover

59.99 $

100% neoprene shoe covers perfect for all kinds of terrain and any shoe.

Beta AirX Glove

64.99 $

Nordic Outdry® Glove

104.99 $

Our ultimate winter glove: fully taped waterproof Outdry® technology paired with 3M Thinsulate® padding and aluminum thermal insulation layer. Relentless warmth.

Shark Cap

54.99 $

Shark Leg Warmer

104.99 $

Shark Arm Warmer

74.99 $

Logo Shoecover

49.99 $ 34.99 $ -30%

100% water-proof shoe covers, fully taped and used by many cyclists as protection against the cold wind.


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